My cousin’s been working on a big music project and I’m very excited for him so I wanted to share this here! Above is one of five teasers from his upcoming project. If you dig it more will be coming soon over at

I made a little zine of cell phone photos from 2012-2014 a little while back then forgot about it. Here’s a few screenshots from the pdf file I have. If you’d like to see the rest I’ll gladly email it to you.

Here’s a newish beat I made, check it out if you’d like and enjoy!

Harry Gould Harvey IV shoots Ratking for their Fader cover story


David Hockney, A Lawn Sprinkler, 1967


David Hockney, A Lawn Sprinkler, 1967

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I released a new track today. Give it a listen and pass along if you dig!

Anonymous said: Wish you weren't.

My apologies I was born this way

Anonymous said: are you straight gay or bi??

Lol I’m str8



If I Could Change Your Mind music video


Your love of Haim is really rubbing off on me

P.s. Alana if you see this plz marry me I’ll buy you all the pizza you could ever want ok

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